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Captain Ginyu Discussion

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Captain Ginyu Discussion Empty Captain Ginyu Discussion

Post by MysticFog on Fri Oct 09, 2009 10:57 am

Originally posted by cowboyoni on June 13, 2008

R = Rush attack
S = Slam attack
HS = Heavy Smash
AS = Arua Spark
(EX) = Press Pursuit with energy attack
> = Towards opponent
< = Away from opponent
/\ = Up on the D-pad
\/ = Down on the D-pad
E = Energy Button
- = Cancel
~ = Cancel to side step
* = Stun
' = Fully charge upcoming move

>SS- AS SSHS >EEE(EX) 7 hits 1680 dmg
>SS- AS <R* RRRRHS >EEE(EX) 10 hits 1818 dmg
>SS- <R* RRRRE- AS SSHS >EEE(EX) 12 hits 1891 dmg

(Burst mode & Triple Mlky Cannon as ULT)

>SS- <R* RRRRHS <E- /\E 10 hits 1674 dmg
>SS- RRRR* <R* SSHS <E- /\E 12 hits 1985 dmg
>SS- <R* RRRR* SSHS <E- \/SE /\E 14 hits 2011 dmg

New Combos

>SE~, RRRRE-, <RE-{AS},SS{HS}, \/S, ^E 13hits 2082 dmg (credit to MystiqFog)

>SS~ RRRRE- (AS) <R* SSHS <E- \/SE ^E 14hits, 2160dmg

>SS- (AS) (HS)E- <R* RRRR* SSS/\E 13hits, 2125dmg

>SS- (AS) (HS) <E~ RRRR* <R* SSS/\E 13hits, 2280 dmg

>SS- RRRRE- SS(HS)<E- <R* <RRS /\E 15hits 1779 dmg (dmg can be higher with timing)

>SS~ RRRRE- (AS) SS(HS)<E- <R* <RRS /\E 15hits 2159dmg

>SS- RRRRE- SS(HS)<E- <R* <RRSE(semi charge) /\E 16hits 1993dmg

>SS- (AS) RRRR<E- SS(HS)<E- <R* <RRSE /\E 16hits 2236dmg

>SS~ RRRRE- (AS) SS(HS)<E- <R* <RRSE /\E 16hits 2237 dmg

Two things I like about this is that the >E for Captain Ginyu is a physical attack so good chance of nulling the Mega-Crush with first hit and connecting the last two. Second thing I like is the >SS- starter, Captain does a lunging uppercut, which gives this starter some range.

Ginyu Milky Cannon ULT can be chained to >SS- or <RE- or RRRRE-
Body change can also be linked with these cancels, kinda important because it increases the chances of pulling this move off. So if someone is loosing with ginyu this could be an option.

Well Ginyu simply sucks at a distance, the only attack he has from far away is Milky Cannon which is an ULT. His other ULT Body Change won't work if your to far away. If far away it's best to offensive teleport and close the distance. Mid range he is not to bad because he has some moves that will get him up close.

Now up close is where ginyu is best SS- SSHS >EEE will eat through a lot. The combo is easy to do and can even be done with a good amount of consistency online. This easy combo will also take off over 1 bar in life.

Somthing else about Ginyu: <E does 300 dmg to yourself but fills Ki allowing you to be in burst mode a lot.

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Captain Ginyu Discussion UnlimitedPotential
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