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#16 Discussion

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#16 Discussion

Post by MysticFog on Mon Oct 12, 2009 9:41 pm

Originally posted by CloudyNia on June 15, 2008

Just some quick stuff I found after playing around with him a bit.

R = Rush attack
S = Slam attack
E = Energy Button
> = Towards opponent
< = Away from opponent
/\ = Up on the D-pad
- = Cancel
~ = Sidestep Cancel
* = Stun
' = Fully charge upcoming move
HS = R2 + Triangle/RT + Y
AS = Aura Spark

Starter cancels:

His S chain would be good if the second hit didn't knock them in the air. Due to the decreased juggling in Burst Limit I doubt we'd get much out of it. The first strike has decent priority from what I have seen. SE- is a fast starter that seems to be relatively safe.

His >S is a lunging attack from a distance making it very useful for closing gaps quickly. >SS- can be canceled almost immediately making it a safe starter I think. >SE- could be faster but doesn't close the distance that >SS- does so you'll have to move forward a bit to continue the chain.

<S seems to start a low juggle and we all know how those work out.

I haven't located any good stuns but to be honest, stuns were never something I used much in Budokai 3 and I tended to focus more on the cancels. I always found them easier.

Just a sample combo, my capture card isn't recording right now so I can't get a video. Sad

SE-, AS, RRS-, <RRR, HS>E-, ^E [Hell Beam]

Also, it looks as though you CAN'T Heavy Smash cancel into Hell's Flash or Life Drain from Cell. The grab just whiffs through the recovering animation. If anyone has been able to do it, let me know.

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