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Advanced Techniques

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Advanced Techniques Empty Advanced Techniques

Post by Volienzo on Tue Nov 17, 2009 11:31 am

These are not all advanced techs by any means, but things that people may not be aware of.

Step-ins and side steps (double tap in any direction) are very useful, not only do they provide massive invulnerability frames, but they also really good for averting the poor tracking of your opponents rush attacks, cost no ki, and can be done long range by charging a melee or ki attack and double tapping a direction.

Counter stance (guard plus ki attack) is a great tool for stopping rush super spammers in their tracks. This move gives you plenty of invincibility to avoid a rush super that would have otherwise broken your guard. You then have the upper hand and can begin your rush combo before they can recover from their attempted super.

Sway (guard + rush attack) is useful because not only does it avoid melee attacks, but it also avoids grabs. Super Throws(Giant Hammer, Hell's Flash, Self Destruct, etc...) may be too fast to avoid on reaction with the sway, more testing is needed.

Not every character can naturally combo into lift kicks ,sweeps, and heavy smashes. If you are facing an opponent who cannot - just hold block and you may be lucky.

Explosive Wave - Great move, but it's not the same as it used to be. Now it is snap vanishable, hits twice (unless being blocked up close), and can flush out defensive supers like ai, ai-strike and wild sense. It also stops super dragon dashers in their place. You may be able to combo afterwards, character dependant and more testing is needed.

Solar Flare - Amazing move, unblockable, half a bar of ki (could be mistaken), can be followed up by rush attacks.

Twirl them sticks - It can really save you some damage... Find a comfortable position when you know you are going to be thrown back (i.e. the end of Gigantic Hammer) and rotate that analog stick! You can cut your recovery time down by a lot. Just find what works for you.
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Advanced Techniques Empty Re: Advanced Techniques

Post by Souless on Wed Aug 04, 2010 7:48 am

side stepping useful.counter stance useful but some characters and punch u to fast so u cant block. solar flare useful unless the person has sunglasses on 1 form like i do. twirl them sticks thats what beautiful roll is for lets u rollout with less rotation of the stick
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