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Teen Gohan

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Teen Gohan

Post by TS Aneila on Tue Sep 15, 2009 12:34 am

Teen Gohan is a fatigue machine

Super Kame deals 100% fatigue lol + 2145 dmg(ssj) 2242(ssj2)

this is a reason to BAN RT ULTIMATES ...a damn good one lol

not only that makes him a fatigue monster tho.

SDS is also there to add 25% fatigue on hit, this only works in SSJ2 state but you'll get there quickly.



all are good but i think >PPPP* is a little better on startup...actually >P; >P combos even lol



KK seems useless because...



...KKKK- can be canceled ^^




>PPPP*, KKKK-, \/E HS, D~ (SDS-), >KKKK-, <PP(SDS-)(SDS-)[100% fatigue]

you can continue this combo as you desire, for example:

KKKK-, \/E HS, D~ (SDS-), >KKKK-, <PP(SDS-)(SDS-)[100% fatigue],
HS, >KKKK-, KKKK(SDS-), PPP(Kame) 34hits 3374dmg

Not bad huh ?

That's all for now, laters.
TS Aneila
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