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Post by TS Aneila on Tue Sep 15, 2009 12:47 am


From what I've seen, Nappa is a defensive character, though he can
mount some offense. He's decent, but don't expect him to be godly.

eats through a lot of stuff, and makes for a good punish on blocked
strings. It's also unblockable. It can be escaped, though, and
unfortunately, it doesn't grab opponents in hitstun.
->P+K has
some decent priority, pushes back on block, and, on the ground, is
untechable on hit. PPPPP's final P does the same thing.
-PP is a fairly quick jab string, good for pressuring and semi-freezing for Headbangers.

->KKK is an infinite juggle.
-KKP and >PPP are his stuns.
-KKK is a glitch reset, as is

Example Combo:

KKP* >PPP* KPP* PPPP(BDX) - 863 DMG, 25% fatigue.

Overall, Nappa's not too terrible. I have fun playing with him actually...
TS Aneila
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Saiyan Moderator

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Re: Nappa...

Post by TS Aneila on Tue Sep 15, 2009 12:48 am

Good Job Tay, I'm just gonna add some stuff. Mainly some things about his Headbanger.


Deathmoves and Ultimate:

Headbanger: 3 hits, 525 damage
Bomber DX: 1 hit, 300 damage

Giants Storm: 3 hits, 1,200 damage



KKPP- is his better starter over the >KPPP-, has about the same
start-up, more range, and doesn't whiff on short characters.

KKPP-, >PPP*, >KPP*, <P+K^, >KKK^, >KKK^, <P+K^, PPPP >E (BDX)
22 hits, 1,076 damage. 45% Fatigue.

two >KKK juggles you can follow up with a Heavy Smash, or after a
KKPP- use HS. This will allow set-ups for his Ultimate easier. Because
of damage scaling tho, you'll only get about 300 extra damage. Best to
use the HS into GS after a >KKK or KKPP-.



I decided to put up a section devoted entirely to this move, mainly set-ups for it along with some info about it.

has pretty much instant start up, and triple the reach of a normal
grab, and almost double the reach of an attack grab. Because it acts
like a grab, this means even Aura/Perfect Guard will be caught by it.
Also has a nullification window and great priority.

You can use
this move against turtlers or people blocking after a KKPP-, because of
the speed of the move, they are pretty much screwed if they haven't
been dodging, even then if you are fast enough the HB can override P
pokes they throw at you. If they backdash too late, the HB will reach
them, making this a very solid move. Not only that, but assuming you
wanna try to tick throw into it, after a combo and juggle, you can use
his KKK ground reset, then follow with an HB. Because of the hit-stun
they will recover the second you recover and activate HB, backdashing
isn't quick enough, nor is P pokes. Side-stepping maybe tho.

finally an HB after a Heavy Smash, because the opponent takes awhile to
recovery from it, you have time to pause and wait for the stun to
barely leave. Once they are about to regain balance, you can activate
HB, this will catch them before they even have time to P poke,
side-step, and backdash. They will barely have time to hold up a block
stance, even then, HB goes through it.


he is looking really solid, I actually am enjoying myself playing as
him. He has some good defensive moves, other than an HB which you could
throw out assuming you have the ki, and they don't have 3. Tho, I
prefer being aggressive with his KKPP-. Put pressure on people to block
and get some HB going on.

He is a little slow on attacking, is large, and only has a baseline ki of 3. Still he has good potential overall.


More info on HB.

Gotta add that with proper timing ( obviously) you can use your grab to counter Nappa's HB. =/

character's with nullifiers on their P attacks have more priority over
Nappa's HB, so his KKK ground reset into HB won't work. It's mainly
Yamcha and Pikkon that can do this.

Last note about HB, it auto tracks, so side-stepping will not work, which is nice.
TS Aneila
Saiyan Moderator
Saiyan Moderator

Posts : 86
Battle Power : 97
Join date : 2009-09-15
Zodiac Signs : Scorpio Snake

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