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GT Vegeta

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Re: GT Vegeta

Post by CajNatalie on Mon Sep 10, 2012 12:06 pm

My first time practicing with GT Veggie combos, and I can already tell P+K DOES combo, unlike what it says in the first post.

You can get the P+K cancel in to neutral P or K.
It's really annoying trying to get the timing just right... I've tired my fingers a bit on L1 & R1 and can't get a full combo pulled off twice in a row.

Here's what I've managed to do reliably so far (4 times in a row without error)...

Here's what I'm trying to do...
I've pulled it off quite a few times, but not consecutively. My fingers have given up for now... I'm getting too clumsy with the P+K cancel timing, even for me.

Here's a complete combo I've discovered...
Of course, the >P+K means this won't work if you're close... use if you have some distance and you spot an opening.
Yes, >P+K P+K- does connect to <K... you just have to be sharp on the timing.
I've tested all the links. They all connect. The problem is getting all the cancels right... and then doing it two or three more times in a row without fail.
Also, of course, if you like infinites, the KKKK- part can be repeated.

I also have DP+K >>PPP- <KPPP- (etcetera as above) in mind for a fatigued opponent.

GT Veggie's damn good at improving cancel speed, and a good change from Slow Veggie.
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Re: GT Vegeta

Post by TrollCapAmerica on Sun Sep 16, 2012 2:14 pm

Thats what drives me insane about GTV.He has all this overwhelming potential and priority.............until you actually play him and drop half your combos,Sure I could also simplify and not do anything too complex and he would still work moderately well but I could also be playing another high tier character instead
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