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Super Buu Strategy/Combo thread

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Super Buu Strategy/Combo thread

Post by TrollCapAmerica on Tue Apr 27, 2010 7:38 am

In the great tradition of the Budokai 3 boards i think it has come time
to revive the age old tradition of character specific threads.Im half
doing this out of nostalgia and half out of the need to have the info
organized here on the boards.You get better feedback from having them
on the boards than in an FAQ as well.Anyways lets begin

Super Buu


Fast long reaching P starter that basically does everything well
High baseline of 5 giving quicker Ki regeneration and 6 in Gotenks/Gohan forms
Probably the highest Damage/Fatigue causing of any conventional character thanks to the versatile Ill Ball
Insane damage in Gotenks/Gohan forms and possible Re-dizzy combos
A faster than normal taunt and in base form an extra fast sidestep


Doesnt have super dominating traits like negating starters chainable DMs Real time ultimates etc
While Ill Ball is a great move it can miss some of its 4 hits in juggles if you dont position them perfectly or if too far away
Loses juggle potential in the air

Primary Starter


Heavy Slam-An overhead hopping hammer punch that has way shorter stun time than most Heavy Slams

Death Moves

Ill Flash-1 Ki Base Buu only-A basic 300 damage low fatigue lv1 DM.Its
a tad bit faster than something like Kamehameha and easy to use in
juggles.It pales in comparison to Ill Ball but if you need a long range
counter or they are about to TC out and your in a high juggle it has
its uses

Ill Ball-2 Ki Base Gotenks and Gohan Buu only-In base form 570 damage
up front 711 from behind and about 25% fatigue filled up.Its also
unblockable fast has high priority tracks sidesteppers and makes Julian
fries.It can be used in your mix-up game forcing them to take damage
when they expect another P,P,K- as well as in combos..Just remember in
juggles try and hit low so you get all the hits and dont use it from
too far away.Another note is the recovery on this move is unbelivablly fast your in neutral state as soon as the last hit lands.Besides follow-ups you can do crazy crap like combo off it near a wall or [also near a wall] taunt twice and fully charge a HS from behind

Destructive Wave-1 Ki Piccalo Buu only-Exactly the same as Piccalos
just 330 damage.Its not much different from Ill Flash in function

Light Grenade-1 Ki Piccalo Buu only-A 577 damage "Ball" Projectile.It
comes out a little slower than DW but its not significant enough a
difference to matter.It doesnt do as much damage as Ill Ball from
behind but it ALWAYS gets full damage does better damage up front
punishes fatigued opponents connects off guard breaks and is great for
punishing whiffs

Victory Cannon-1 Ki Gotenks Buu only-A fast 750 damage 1 bar
projectile.Its basically a better faster version of the SSJ4s beefed up
projectiles.It outdamages Gotenks forms Ill Ball from the front but not
from behind [IB does 771/898 in this form].It has its advantages since
it always scores max damage costs less Ki can punish a dizzy character
connects off guard breaks and is great for punishing whiffs.This move
alone makes Gotenks Buu competitive with the stronger Gohan Buu form

Kamehameha-1 Ki Gohan Buu only-This functions EXACTLY like every other
Kamehameha in the game.Its a slow 300 damage Beam with bad recovery its
just pumped up to 420 damage by Buus high attack boost.Considering Ill
Ball does 798/996 depending on where you hit it this move isnt very good


Absorption-3 Ki Base Buu only-Get either Piccalo Gotenks or Gohan
Buu.Super Buus launcher is the same in all forms.Its fast and has an
extremely deceptively long reach

Super Ghost Kamekaze Attack-5 Meter Gotenks form only- 1875 on a win
about 600 damage to you on a loss.Never bother using this move as you
have better options in Gotenks form

Super Kamehameha-5 Meter 1260 on a loss to 2560 on attack win.Sorta
worth using if your going to win against a high fatigue opponent but
Ill Ball does 1K from behind and beats a loss easy.Maybe worth using
with air re-sets
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Re: Super Buu Strategy/Combo thread

Post by TrollCapAmerica on Tue Apr 27, 2010 7:42 am


Super Buu in IW doesnt have much in the way of variety but i dont think
he cares much.The guys a fatigue and damage machine even in base form
with good reach and speed.

Ive already listed his primary starter as P,P,K-.It does 239 damage
canceled at 4 hits from the front and 297 from the back which is higher
than average hit for hit damage..Ill break it down bit by bit now

The Neutral P portion is a quick jab.It comes out and recovers about as
fast as those famous B3 P pokes.You can play an Anti-TC game with this
move that no characters but Cell retained from B3.

Extending it too PP makes him follow with a slower overhand right.It
stuns but its very unsafe on block and takes a while to recover barely
giving you time to combo out of it

Finally P,P,K- is what you really want to get.Adding the Kick cancels
out the 2nd Punches recovery making him do a 4 hit "fan" style axe
kick.The kick hits 2 times going up then once more to cause a
knockdown.It can be canceled anytime before the knockdown which makes
it extra versatile.It can be canceled on the first hit to be used in
infinite juggles canceled at different points for mix-ups and the
multi-hits can break nullifiers if used right.Canceling early enough is
also the best way to stun long enough for his ultimate because of his
bad HS

P,P,K- has more reach/speed than the majority of the cast .Only a few
characters have the starters needed to match up to and most of those
already beat everyone else anyways.Know what this one starter can and
cant do in a match-up.Head to head you cant beat the guys with massive
nullification.You cant beat Shenrons >P reach but you can beat him
with your speed you cant beat Cells speed but you can beat his reach
you can beat Kid Buu or Gohan in reach AND speed etc

Once you get the how the starter that your game revolves around works
you can get into everything else.P,P,K- generates long enough stun time
to connect into any of his starters Side-dash into Heavy Slam or if
canceled early into his ultimate.It can also be used in juggles as an
infinite if you cancel early

Comboable chains

>P,P,P*::A low uppercut followed by a spinning backfist into an
overhead punch that stuns.Its got a tad more reach that your primary
starter but its start-up speed is abysmal.Sometimes you can use it
close distance since the stunning hit is chargable.It has mindgame
potential just watch that speed .Damage of 166/231 and it only can be
comboed after P,P,K- or <P

>K,P,P',P',P : Super Buu turns almost backwards then kicks up with
his heel followed by a series of overhead punches and ending with a
downward elbow.Once again the speed isnt great but EVERY single Punch
is chargeable.In combos only fully charge 2nd and 3rd punches if you
want it to combo without resets.Damage of 286/357 uncharged and 344/417
with the middle punches charged

<P* : Super Buu rears his arms backs then rips off Gum Gum
Bazooka.This thing is unbelievably slow and up front only stuns off a
counter hit or from behind.Its connects off a P,P,K from behind though
and does 116 damage all by itself while alos leaving the option to turn it into <P,P,P,P juggle

P,P,P,K^ : My favorite Super Buu juggle.Neutral P is so fast you can
even use it in a combo with P,P,K- and still knock them out of a low
juggle into a high juggle with this chain.It does a solid 228/284 while
leaving plenty of time to juggle into anything else.Dont use it in the
air though the K portion doesnt high juggle there anymore

K,K,K,K^:This juggle works fine in the air and does a bit more
damage.Its not as fast though and cant be used as an infinite.Does

P,P,P,P: The best way to end a juggle with Super Buu..The third hit can
be charged which can help you adjust to get full damage off of Ill
Ball.Its also a great alternative to going into an infinite since you
can low juggle into a fully hitting IB easily.Does 205/255 damage

Putting together combos with the information above shouldnt be a big
problem it just requires you to be systematic because certain things
only work after certain chains You also have to account for the
opponents Ki bar making sure you dont waste meter missing an Ill
Ball.Heres a few examples with <E assumed to be Ill Ball and >E
Ill Flash

1 Bar combo

P,P,K- >P.P.P*, P,P,P,P^,<E

Simple cancel into a stun into a low juggle and about 1000 damage

P,P,K- DHS* >P,P,P* >K,P,P',P',P* <E

Connecting your >P after a HS can be tricky.It has to be started
extra early so you step forward before they stagger out of reach.Scores
about 1200

2 Bar combo

2 Bar combos are extremely important.A fatigued opponent automatically
gains at least 1 meter coming out of a dizzy so knowing your characters
2 bar combos is important for punishing them out of a dizzy.Super Buu
can really abuse it since both Ill Ball and his Taunt recover fast
enough to land a HS or P after taunting up to 2 times.From behind
Gotenks Buu can cause full fatigue off a 2 bar combo on characters with
average baseline and Gohan Buu can re-dizzy anybody

HS' P,P,K-, <P*, >P,P,P*, >K,P,P'.P',P*, K,K,K,K^, P,P,P,P,<E

3 Bar combos

Only happen if the opponent did something dumb like used Hyper mode
whiffed an ultimate or blew all their ki teleporting and attacked
anyways.With Super Buu all you really have to do is use his infinite.I
dont mean as in "Its that easy its all you got to do" i mean it as in
:"Thats ALL you HAVE to do".Just adjust one of the other combos to fit
in an infinite like P,P,P,K or ,P,P,K-.You should be able to full
fatigue them then follow it up with a good 2 bar combo doing anywhere
from 3-4 bars
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Re: Super Buu Strategy/Combo thread

Post by TrollCapAmerica on Tue Apr 27, 2010 7:43 am

Super Buu odds and ends

Fatigue abuse

Remember everything i said about chaining fatigue.Super Buus Ill Ball
sends the opponent sliding a bit while he instantly recovers.This along
with a taunt that takes about half the time as everyone else lets him
really abuse fatigue.The Key is ending a combo from behind in a juggle
with IB.This lets you recover quicker while they fall to the ground
THEN get up dizzied.You then belt out up to 2 taunts and execute a HS
just when they start coming out of fatigue.Charging the HS is optional
just watch out how far it pushes them forward or they end up turned
around by the end of the next rep

This takes alot of timing and is easiest to do on the ground for a
couple reasons.The first is that you can turn an infinite juggle into
this easier by crossing under doing P,P,P,K fast enough the second is
that in the air your HS tends to push you farther apart.The opponents
baseline matters too since 5 or higher gives faster regeneration thus
less time to land hits.Gotenks needs to cause about 55% fatigue before
he lands IB to chain fatigue.Gohan Buu can do it with 50%.If you manage
to pull it off without pushing the enemy too far or using too much time
taunting you should be able to seal the match

Guard breaks

Super Buu doesnt have a whole lot of great guard break options and Ill
Ball scores reduced damage when they are GB staggered.His regular P and
K dash attacks dont guard break he has no transformations and his HS
isnt so hot.He has chargable stuns of >P and >K but they start up
pretty slow.Some guard break options are throw mixed in with P and
P,P,K pressure a close range >P+K streatchy arm punch that GBs up
close and <P+K a 2 hit twirling kick that GBs on the second shot and
lets you follow up with a P low juggle split second pause into HS+Combo
or a >E.The twirl kick gives you the most options but its a little
easier to see it coming.Probably your best GB option is probably
dashing P+K.Its not unique to you but its a very fast shoulder charge
that GBs letting you follow up with a special or HS into a special
knocks down on an clean hit.The final option is of course the
Unblockable undodgable unsidestepable Ill Ball.You score 5-700 damage
everytime they guess wrong and are somewhat safe on TC.You shouldnt
depend on it though considering the meter cost it being somewhat
avoidable with proper sidedashing and being completely stopped by Aura

>P+K Guard Breaks but only up close where it counts as two hits.Its
a solid little move where Super Buu extends his arm ripping off Gum Gum
no Pistol.It can kinda be used like Piccalos stretchy arm chains as a
poke as well as a guard break.Try and keep it in mind

Every form of Super Buu is good!

Seriously you dont really need Absorption to win but if you get a
chance that 3 meter is well worth spending.Lets go over each of them

Base Super Buu

Pros-Hes free has 5 baseline and a good moveset.His biggest bonus is an
extra fast spinning side-step on the ground.You can side-step attacks
that other characters cant like Hells Gate

Cons-The lowest attack of all Needs to get all 4 hits from Ill Ball everytime for good damage

Piccalo Buu

Pros-A pair of solid 1 bar projectiles that always score full damage
can punish whiffs or connect off guard breaks better.Gets a 10% attack

Cons-Loses Base Super Buus sidestep and Ill Ball.His damage is about
the same with the attack boost he gets but losing IB means less guard
breaks and fatigue.For what its worth no ultimate

Gotenks Buu

Pros-6 Baseline Ki a 125% power-up keeps Ill Ball and gets the awesome
Victory Cannon.Definitely the most versatile Buu having solid damage
the option of conversing Ki if needed punishing ability and the best
damage off guard breaks with HS+VC.Gotenks Buu can chain fatigue with 2
bar combos on characters without overly high baseline

Cons-Super Ghost Kamekaze attack is worthless.Dont even think of using
it just save meter for IB combos and VC punishing.Loses the fast

Gohan Buu

Pros-An already high hit for hit damage character getting powered up by
140%.You may find yourself scoring 1500+ damage even before using any
Death Moves with only damage buffering holding you back.You got a 6
baseline your Ill Ball doe 996 damage from behind and you have the
option of an ultimate that scores 1500 even on a loss.Gohan Buu can
chain fatigue on anybody only your execution will make a difference

Cons-Even powered-up Kamehameha sucks.Its too slow for what Super Buu needs to do.Loses the fast Side-step
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Re: Super Buu Strategy/Combo thread

Post by Overlordtico on Thu May 27, 2010 8:26 pm




fPPKP- [fast cancel]
KKKP- [fast cancel]
fKKPP- [fast cancel]
fKKKP- [fast cancel]



to finish off cap's faq ^.^
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Re: Super Buu Strategy/Combo thread

Post by TrollCapAmerica on Fri Jun 11, 2010 3:22 pm

Additional information found

With some testing I started to find that alot of Super Buus chains while comboable take alot of time to finish off.

For instance connecting >K,P,P',P',P* does a solid 350 damage in base form from behind with the middle 2 attacks fully charged.Goku as the training dummy regenerated about 3/4ths of a bar in the time this chain took to end

I then went and used his P,K,K- and turned it into a low juggle and got 3 P,K,K- chains out by the time Goku hit about half a bar

Simply put the sheer speed of his P,K,K vastly outdamages his other chains so basically Super Buu should be landing his infinite and pulling off 1700-2000 2 bar combos even in base form.Buuhan and Buutenks can fatigue in one bar with Ill Ball from behind.The hardest part honestly is keeping them in roughly the same spot as you juggle them low so IB can get all 4 hits

The keys to doing this right [Some of these are also general game rules/annoyances]

1] Comboing from behind is best.If you have a longer combo oppertunity up front try and go into the P,P,P,K^ juggle and cross under with P,P,K- to continue it from behind

2] Know how much time you have left after fatiguing.Super Buu can taunt twice and dash in to hit a P after fatiguing with ill ball.This can turn a combo that you barely ended in time into a game ender.

3] Wait unti the combo counter resets before hitting them again or damage buffering will negate damage/fatigue.You can hit them in the "head shake" phase before they can block or turn around so long as they cant TC away.

4] Watch out for screen scrolling flying height and and shaky cam.The screen moving not only messes with your inputs but because of shoddy programming makes dashes and the way your opponent is launched away from you curve in stupid ways.This can do anything from turn an IB into Kamehameha change the side your juggling on alter your alighnment before charging in on a fatigued opponent so your in front of them or make you miss hits on ill Ball.Walls tend to be the biggest reason for skay cam effects or that retarded BT view so know where the game will decide to ruin itself with them.The transition from the flying to the ground as you naturally float down also ruins juggles automatically

5] Try and keep the juggle around chest level with Super Buu.Higher juggles waste precious time and juggling too high costs you a hit with IB and messes up the way the opponent goes flying.The only time I would suggest juggling any hgiher would be starting the juggle with P,P,P,K since it makes the transition into P,K,K infinite easier
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Re: Super Buu Strategy/Combo thread

Post by Sponsored content

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