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Kid Buu Strategy/Combo thread

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Kid Buu Strategy/Combo thread

Post by TrollCapAmerica on Tue Apr 27, 2010 8:05 am

We now have number 4 in our collection of character guides which include

Super Buu
Omega Shenron
Super Baby

Now we have Kid Buu a solid upper tier character with some huge
strengths but a few downsides that experienced players can exploit.With
some careful play you can control a match.If you get too drunk off his
high baseline and awesome Assault Rain you might end up losing hard


Great reach letting him attack from outside alot of characters effective range
Huge Baseline of 6 with no need for transformations
Assault Rain may be the best single move in the game
Some really good chargable stuns and some usable infinites leading to moderately good combos


Speed problems especially up close
TERRIBLE heavy slam
His best combo ending move cant fatigue and his other option is a generic kamehameha
His combo filler chains can be a tad slow so you cant use ALL his chains in most combos

Primary starter


Heavy Slam-A overhead hopping hammer punch that has way shorter stun
time than most Heavy Slams pushes you far away making it hard to combo
and for a meager 150 damage

Death Moves

Vanishing Ball-2 Ki bars-A 2 Ki 525 damage Ball projectile.Its fairly
quick and wide making regularly dodging it a little more difficult.Its
major failing is its inability to cause full fatigue which limits Kid
Buus combos a bit.

Kamehameha-1 Ki bar-A slow 1 bar 300 damage generic ki blast.It starts
up slightly faster than VB but outside of connecting it off long range
AR combos it wont matter much.It has terrible recovery but it can cause
full fatigue

Assault Rain-2 Ki Bars-A 600 damage collection of Ki blasts that are
shot into the air then crash down a second later tracking the
opponent.This is technically the Human Genocide attack Super Buu does
in the series but it was given to Kid Buu instead.This move is so good
it deserves its own section but dont over-use it.Even with a 6 baseline
you cant recover the amount of Ki you spent before a blocking opponent

Warp Kamehameha-5 Ki Bars-A deceptively long range launcher into a
struggle ultimate.It does 1050 on a loss and 1950 on a win.While it
does nice damage and you have a good baseline you wont have many
chances to use it since Assault rain is so good.You can connect it
unbuffered a few ways so its worth having as an option.Unlike alot of
ultimates the amount of time the opponent is stuck on the ground after
the cut-scene ends is pretty short and even you cant build alot of Ki
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Re: Kid Buu Strategy/Combo thread

Post by TrollCapAmerica on Tue Apr 27, 2010 8:06 am


Dont let the AI fool you Kid Buu is NOT particularly fast.Your
strengths lay with your reach high baseline mix-ups off off your
starters and careful use of Assault Rain to cover yourself

Your best starter for most purposes is your P,P,K,P.Its fast for one of
your starters but dont expect to win P exchanges up close.Its got
obscene range for a starter of that speed though and it ends with
horizontal twirly arm attack.On block it generates a bunch of Ki it
hits side-steppers and it can be charged to make it unblockable.This is
also a pretty good chain to use in his infinites since the twirling
punch knocks them up a good amount and lets you land any of your
projectiles after it.This chain does a solid 357/443 damage

Your >P is another solid chain.Its not AS good as your netural punch
but you have good reach and 3 combo options off it.A >P,K,P ends
with the exact same horizontal twirly punch as the above starter.Its
still got solid mix-up potential but you cant use it with your P
starter.What MAKES that move wroth using is your other options.Your
>P,K,K ends with a fast recovering Axe Kick cancel forcing them to
adjust to either variation on the fly.Finally >P,P,P,K,P is an
infinite juggle with a little rough timing and it might miss if you use
Kamehameha.In order these moves do 314/390 156/194 and 294/365

>P+K is a chargable vertical twirly arm chain with good priority
once it gets spinning stuns on hit drains tons of Ki if you dodge and
guard breaks on block.This isnt a great stand alone starter but off any
of your cancelsits very difficult to deal with since you either get
guard broken lose lots of Ki dodging arent able to aura guard usually
often get out-prioritized.

Other useful chains include

K,K,K,K which has fairly good speed and a LITTLE more reach than most
kicks doing 254/316 damage and with a variation of K,P,K- a faster
ending shorter reach chain doing 168/209

<P,P,P and <P,P,P,K are both good juggle starters and lead into infinites.They do 188/234 261/325 respectively

>K,K,P,P,P is a stun chain doing 259/322 and having good reach but
somewhat poor speed.Its combo filler and only REALLY useful in longer
combos where your HS and >P+K has pushed you out of range after you
have already used your better chains.This chain also has a weird
tendancy to "Drop" the last button input in longer combos if you dont
time it right making it less dependable

P,K,K is your easiest infinite by far and does unbuffered 203/253 per
rep.Its gonna score alot less at the end of a combo but easily connects
with P starters into either projectile.If you can cause full fatigue
you can use it until damage goes to 1 per hit then end with a double
P,P,K,P juggle into projectile for easy damage

1 bar combo

P.P.K,P*>P.K,K* >P+K* P,P,K,P<E

1K damage with Kamehameha 1200 with VB

2 Bar combo

>P,P,K-DHS* P,P,K,P* K,K,K,K- >P+K* step forward <P,P,P,K P,P,K,P,<E

Normal 2 bar combo doing about 1500 with Kamehameha and 1700 with VB.

Fatigue 2 bar combo from behind

Assault Rain K,K,K,K- >P+K* P,P,K,P* >P,K,K- HS >K,K,P,P,P* <P,P,P^ P,P,K,P,<E

The >K can be omited if your not comfortable with it and replace
with <P,P,P,K into 2 P,K,K infinites and ended the same way

3 bar combo dont happen alot with Kid Buu.They are hard enough to nail
as is but not having that free un-TCable AR damage at makes his 3 bar
combos a little less spectacular
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Saiyan Moderator

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Re: Kid Buu Strategy/Combo thread

Post by TrollCapAmerica on Tue Apr 27, 2010 8:08 am

Kid Buu ins and outs

Assault Rain is the best DM in the game

The best description i could give for this move is "Free damage and/or
control of the game for the next few seconds".600 damage does about
1/3rd of a fatigue bar it cant be TCered it tracks and you almost
always get at LEAST one energy ball out to disrupt an opponents attack
and preventing them from so much as breathing when they are on the
defensive.Its free damage on a fatigued opponent and sets them up to be
comboed again.If you get the whole thing off the opponent can basically
doing nothing for the next second and a half giving you a chance to go
on offense setting-up mind games with guard breaks and chargeable
attacks.You can also guard break a blocking opponent with things like
>P+K or your dashing P+K shoulder charge.You can use it to combo
into his ultimate as well but the number of times an opponent is
fatigued while you have 7 bars is gonna be rare.Dont overdo it though
even if you just charge after firing you only get a bar and a half back
your completely vulnerable the instant you fire it AR does no damage on
block and most throws make the Ki blasts disappear.On Counter hit
[assuming the opponent did something rampagingly stupid to get CH by
AR] the opponent gets juggled and can be Ground reset with your crappy
HS or infinited off it pretty easily

Guard breaks are your friend

Kid Buu has excellent guard breaks.Every twirly arm chain is great and
charging back and forth between them can be frustrating and
confusing.Dashing P+K is the shoulder tackle that Super Buu and a few
others have thats almost instant staggers on block and knocks down on
hit.Your P+K is a jumping chargable overhead slam that knocks straight
and has a lot of range priority and negation but is unsafe on block.Its
good to plow through alot of chains cause a knockdown and start waving
those arms all crazy as they get up.When you cause a stagger GB you can
usually HS and combo off it thanks to your range especially if you end
up behind them after it.You also have the options of P,K,K infinites or
just <E

Meter management

Only Shenron and Janemba match your starting baseline and Shenron sucks
until he transforms.You can drain alot of Ki forcing the opponent to
dodge twirly arm chains and characters over their baseline that are
forced to block AR are almost assured to be at a ki disadvantage.Your
not the fastest strongest offensive character but with your high
baseline and AR you can take control of a match again almost anyone
instantly[Played careful off course Kid Buu is hardly easy mode].Even
ever godly Yamcha has to be a little careful since you have such a
baseline advantage you may ACTUALLY get around his P
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Saiyan Moderator

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Re: Kid Buu Strategy/Combo thread

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