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IW's Top 5

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IW's Top 5 Empty IW's Top 5

Post by Brohan on Sat May 22, 2010 1:24 pm

If IW's top ten were to be include in this game how would they do? I personally think that they would do
alright, some more than others, assuming they can transform multiple times like in IW.

Yamcha-He could be High tier at the least. His nullifying PPPP starter could rival that of piccolo's no problem, only losing out because of reach. Without an infinite though, his already suckish damage will be worse. His one hit Kamehameha could be a good zoning tool as well because of IW's pause when using a deathmove.

Goku-his rushing elbow starter could allow counter every beam deathmove that isn't Spirit Shot, Riot Javelin, or Blaster Shell. Canceling at the retreating phase of his elbow starter would also put him out of the effective range of 99% of this games starters, while the move itself has massive priority. He can also rival the likes of Trunks and Krillin on ki building, his S. Also, with a proper 10x Kamehameha, he could zone really well, with it being one hit and doing 700 dmg. High tier easily, I'd even go as far to say that he could be Top Tier.

Pikkon-See Yamcha

Dabura-He could essentially be a more balanced piccolo, his damage would probobly be 2000ish, though like in IW, he would lose out to anyone that can play a similar long range game. Upper Mid to Low high tier.

GTV-He would be mid tier because he doesn't have his KKKK infinite anymore, and as such, couldn't put together a damaging combo. His elbow starter would give him the same long range game as Goku, but he wouldn't be able to do much after. GTV's tripple kicks of death and 2 transformations would serve him well too.

Agree, Disagree?
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