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Post by Brohan on Sun May 23, 2010 6:22 pm

- Her Destructo Disk Death move is unblockabe
- Energy Barrier cannot be teleport countered
- Infinite Energy is the best Aura Burst Charge, it grants...infinite Ki for a
- Accel Dance is a good ultimate
- <S<S combo starter is fairly fast
- >S and all chains that end with it can be canceled into her Ultimate
- <S<S while fast, has very low reach
- >S is useless for poking, it doesn't launch the opposition, and they can
recover from it quickly
- Low damage, she hits for about 2250 with her best combo
- Has trouble dealing damage outside of combos that use her Ultimate

Android #18 Strategy

For rushing down, Android #18 is somewhat limited. Her <S<S can be
used to rushdown, but it's short range so be wary. The same goes for RS,
instead, use SRRRR. It has multiple hits and is mid range so it's an okay
option, but with 4 rush attacks in it, it has low priority so it's iffy.
But these shouldn't be used until you have 7 Ki bars because that's what is
most important when playing as 18, especially against the better fighters in
this game.

Building to 7 Bars of Ki
Building ki should be your #1 priority from the start of the match. While you
might think using long combos is the way to go, 18's ki building is really bad
because all of her comboable attacks only have one or 2 hits to them. Instead,
use uncomboable chains that have good ki building, like >RSSS, SRRR, SSS, and
<SR. All of these build 1 or more bars of Ki, and are somewhat safe. Other good
options are <S>S and your throw, both of which can be used to gain distance to
charge ki a bit.

Infinite Energy
Once you build 7 ki bars, close into mid range and activate
your Aura Burst Charge. Now, no matter how much Ki your opponent has, you have
the ki advantage, so go on a vicious offensive, paying no attention to what
attack the opponent is using. From here, use >SE- to cancel into your Ultimate,
and repeat this as many times as possible. Even after the ABC is over, you
still have a massive Ki advantage, but from here on, use short combos to keep
this advantage.

After Infinite Energy
When Infinite Energy expires, you are left with 7 ki bars to do with as you
please, that's 2 teleport counters, and a deathmove. On instinct, you might try
to pull of your strongest combo again, and while you're fully capable of doing
this, that is the WORST thing you could do. After Infinite energy is done, 18
has no trick up her sleave, just her <S<S starter. your main strategy will be
to use short combos that end in >RSSS, SRRR, or SSS, only using ANY ki for
teleport counters. This will halve your damage potential, but is the safest
thing to do considering 18's poor rushdown and ki building.

When at a Ki Disadvantage
If you somehow aren't able to get off Infinite Energy, you are able to fight
back somewhat depending on who your fighting. If you are fighting people that
are in your tier, you can still fight, but Upper Mid and up, you will have to
pull this offf just to compete. Your starter will either lack the range, speed,
priority, or number of hits to stand up against them. All I can say is turtle,
but even this isn't 100%, sooo yeah, MAKE SURE YOU GET THIS OFF.


The Son Family/cooler: They have no Slam Starters, extremely limited
rushdown, the only thing they have going for them is damage. You can pick
them apart, but this goes for pretty much everyone.

Bardock-His rushdown and speed are just too much for you to handle. From close
to long range, he has your number. You can get a ki advantage and seem like a
winner for a moment, but as soon as your ABC runs out, you are right back to
getting owned again. You will seldom even pull this of because your main
rushdown tool is a throw, but since you have to be close to pull it off,
your likely to get the tar beaten out of you.

Super Buu-You are jerky and Super Buu is a prime cut of beef. In other words,
he outclasses you in every way possible. Rushdown: you have <S<S, Buu has a
longer range, stronger version of <S<S. Defense: You have...well nothing other
than your starter, and he has a beefed up version of Evasive Kick AND his
starter. I'm sure you get the picture. Your boned.

Combo Secton

R = Rush attack
S = Slam attack
> = Towards opponent
< = Away from opponent
/\ = Up on the D-pad
E = Energy Button
- = Cancel
* = Stun
' = Fully charge upcoming move
[AB] = Aura Burst
-[AB] = Aura Burst Cancel

Beginner Section
[no cancels]
#1: <RS*, RS, <E[Energy Field] 5 hits, 767 damage[ground only]
#2: <RS*, SRRRR 7 hits, 543 damage[ground only]
#3: <S<S, >E[Destucto Disk] 3 hits, 565 damage
#4: RS*, >E[Destructo Disk] 3 hits, 553 damage
#5: <R>RR, <R>RR, <E[Energy Field] 7 hits, 737 damage
#6: <RS*, >RSSS 6 hits, 514 damage

Intermediate Section
[no energy/aura burst cancels]
#1: <S<S-, RS-, /\E[Accel Dance] 22 hits, 1536 damage
#2: <S<S-, RS-, >RSSS 8 hits, 525 damage
#3: <S<S-, <R>RR, <E[Energy Field] 6 hits, 720 damage

Advanced Section
#1: SE-, RS-[AB]S, >>R, <R>RR, <R>RR, <E[Energy Field] 12 hits, 1114 damage
#2: <S<S-, RS-, >SE-, /\E[Accel Dance] 23 hits, 1687 damage
#3: <S<S-[sidestep], RS-[AB]S, <RS* , >R*, >>R, <R>RRE-, /\E[Accel Dance]
30hits, 2258 damage ***opponent gains .5 ki bars***
Saiyan Elite
Saiyan Elite

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Re: Android#18

Post by Soriphen on Mon May 24, 2010 3:49 am

One thing that stuck out is her >S. It's actually not supposed to be a poke anyway. It's good for being a nullifying parry. Also, her burst charge really isn't that amazing...Even if you are granted infinite ki for a long time, the opponent can just go defensive and poke till' time runs up or even throw double ki cancels at a distance to bait the opponent into TC'in behind you while you are all ready to guard and counter. Hitting two birds with one stone because a double ki cancel throws out a ki ball as a good zoning tool and you know that the opponent will either stay at a distance (which is good), or they'll TC in which the double ki cancel will allow you to recover much faster than a regular ki blast so that you can guard.

Don't mind my criticism btw Very Happy. Tis' a good job what you're doing keeping this place alive.

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Saiyan Moderator

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Re: Android#18

Post by Brohan on Mon May 24, 2010 6:31 am

I always figured I was wrong on her >S, there was always something about it that seemed...wierd, anyway thanks. This site is what got me into competitive gaming, and I just can't see it die, so I'm going to do everything I can to bring in more members, or to get the current ones posting.
Saiyan Elite
Saiyan Elite

Gender : Male
Posts : 360
Battle Power : 394
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Re: Android#18

Post by Sponsored content

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