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Android 18

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Android 18

Post by THTB on Sat Jul 31, 2010 12:55 am

Late, but w/e.

I saw Cap stating 18 has no starters...that's totally not true.

Her only anytime starter is >KP-. It's not horrible, as it has great range on it. No nullification, though. <KK- in the air is an axekick cancel.

Her saving grace, though, is the fact that Deadly Dance is a good DM. It is VERY fast and punishes whatever, and is an infinite on its own, or through >KK>E (The >E has to be done pretty late, and the timing on >KK changes depending on whether it's post-ground DD juggle or post-air DD juggle). It's a very good tool for damage racking and whatnot, and

So, she's not really horrible, but definitely not great.

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Re: Android 18

Post by MysticFog on Tue Aug 03, 2010 12:05 am

...didnt i make a topic for 18 before?...where did it go? >_>

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Re: Android 18

Post by TrollCapAmerica on Mon Aug 09, 2010 3:01 pm

Well I may have been stuck offline a little while there but I didnt waste my time and I ended up working with 18 a bit myself

Basically shes alot like Android 20 in the way she needs to get into the air to have reasonable starters.Technically speaking her DM are pretty good especially since they arent just generic 300 damage beams which is better than 20.The thing is the character shes most similar too scrapes the bottom of the midtier already and I got a little {Android 20 Air] notation just to show how goood he SHOULD be if he just had those starters.

When it comes to 18 she she has better DMs but even with the addition of those extra starters shes still not all that grand Better yes but better within her own tier not beyond it.If anything she might show how we can find a few more things for characters by checking them more carefully in the air

Anyways to sum up some of the things I see

18 strengths

Unblockable Crossover at point blank
DD can be chained and puts the enemy in the air where she has better starters
2 good alternate DMs
Her HS has almost as much Reach/Speed as DD


DD doesnt cause fatigue and after a couple can only be chained into itself meaning no more Ki gain
Trying to keep an opponent in the air where you are better off isnt feasable
While the new air starter is nice it lacks range/movement you would need for RD that keeps them from dashing to the ground again

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Re: Android 18

Post by Sponsored content

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