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Post by TheLordGojira on Wed Apr 11, 2012 3:27 am

Hey everybody, I'm Brendan from New York.

I used to play Budokai games all the time a while ago, and since I randomly did nothing but play SBAR while I was in the hospital recently, I watched some vids on Youtube since I wanted to get better. Watching overlordtico's IW vids I found this forum.

Anyway, looking back on it I was never really any good at the games, like 99% of the people who played these games, but now as a competitive adult with time on my hands I decided to take the game seriously and good at it. So I ordered IW which I never bought and studied up. I think I'm picking things pretty quick. Unfortunately I don't have much experience against human opponents and there aren't that many I know to chose from...
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