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Hey, there. I'm JTM, and I like fighting games.

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Hey, there. I'm JTM, and I like fighting games. Empty Hey, there. I'm JTM, and I like fighting games.

Post by JustThrowMoney on Thu Aug 06, 2015 8:16 am

I was catching up on DBZ recently, and my mind floated towards thinking about those Budokai games that I enjoyed back in the day (I rented B1 and owned B2 for a while). After searching for tier lists for IW, I found this website (and, consequently, an old acquaintance of mine from the Xbox 360 MvC2 board on GameFAQs [TrollCapAmerica] who I always thought was a cool dude for his informativeness and blunt-as-a-spoon attitude).

Back in the day (when I played B1/2), I wasn't much of a fighting game guy, but since 2009 (when Street Fighter IV came out), I've become a decent FG player. My favorite fighting games are (roughly in order):

  1. Super Smash Bros. Melee (I don't know what y'all think about Smash Bros. on these boards, but I think it's undeniably a fighting game when you play 1v1/2v2 with balanced stages and items off [and w/Friendly Fire on in 2v2]. The fast pace, movement options, and player interaction in SSBM is top-notch, IMO. Shout-outs to Project M, too, since it's the closest thing we'll ever get to an SSBM2.)
  2. Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix (Even though I don't play it a lot due to the online being dead, I love the fast pace of this game and all of the changes they made from the original SSF2T to make it more accessible.)
  3. Rising Thunder (This game is in Alpha right now, but it's quickly become one of my favorites. It plays kind of like SF4 and Injustice combined with some of it's own flavor. Free to play, one-button special moves with cooldown timers [this does not make it a scrubby game at all; it's just different], special move variants [i.e. you can have your uppercut move do two hits and allows for follow-ups OR you can have it be one hit and have less cooldown time], a combo counter that counts juggle points [FINALLY!], etc. It's super fun and will be my 2D fighter of choice for a while.)
  4. Ultra Street Fighter IV (It got me into fighters, and it's a pretty great game. I like the character variety and the fact that I don't have to be super technical to win.)
  5. Everything else, I think; my #5 spot could go to pretty much any game depending on the day (Marvel vs Capcom 2; Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3; Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike; Street Fighter II': Hyper Fighting; Divekick; other games that I can't think of now)

Anyway, I'm hoping to find some enjoyment with at least one of the DB fighting games and play with someone who's crazy enough to take me up on it (and then consequently destroy them because I know how the game system works).
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