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Tien Discussion

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Tien Discussion Empty Tien Discussion

Post by MysticFog on Fri Oct 09, 2009 10:45 am

Originally posted by Dizlord on June 8, 2008

Yep i thought i'd be fine with the characters i have given my oppinion on to but since someone wanted to me to figure out something about Tien i will do so. I can tell this much already after playing Tien for 10-20 mins at most, he is not anywhere near Top Tier. Why ? 2 Stuns, well 3 but i'll get to that a bit later and I've found no cancel so far, altho i found an Axe kick which usually works perfectly for cancels... well with Tien it doesen't unfortunetly. Sad Well let's get onto this.

R = Rush attack
S = Slam attack
> = Towards opponent
< = Away from opponent
/\ = Up on the D-pad
E = Energy Button
- = Cancel
* = Stun
' = Fully charge upcoming move
HS = R2 + S
AS = AuraSpark

<SS* (If you miss the first 2 hits the thrid will cause a stun instead of a launch.)
None for now Surprised

<RRR*, HS<E [Combo Reset], >R*, RRRRR>E (needs right timeing at the end)
SS, HS<E [Combo Reset], <SS>E
SS, HS<E [Combo Reset], >SS>E
AS, SS, HS<E-/\E

It's not much but it's something for now. Tien is gonna be hard to use competetive unless someone with more expirience finds out something more.

Anyways Laters.

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