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#17 Discussion

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#17 Discussion Empty #17 Discussion

Post by MysticFog on Mon Oct 12, 2009 9:44 pm

Originally posted by Forte on June 11, 2008

Aight here's the starter stuff, will be updated as I move forward. He's got very odd strings, so I don't really have high hopes for him, but here's to the best.

R - Rush Attacks
S - Slam Attacks
E - Ki Attacks
HS - Heavy Slam (Pursuit + Slam)
* - Stun
(-) - Cancel
' = Fully charge

Basic R Strings
RRRS - The Heartbreak Shot.

Because 17's RRRR juggles, he needs an alternative. This lets him chain in his megacrush, and other attacks. The rest of his R chains pretty much aren't good for anything.


Only good for energy field

<R - Soft Knee

A short stun, but juggles on counter hit. Don't expect to hit this, as the range his short, and it's not likely to beat out any attacks. In addition, 17 can't really juggle well, so it loses a lot of it's value as a close range poke.

<RRS- - Overhead Axe

A bigger stun, but useless on counter hit.

>R or >RE- or >RS- - Straight

A decent stun with good range. Ki cancel for an easier time following up. >RK- is the best at max range, as he takes a good step forward to follow up with whatever.

Basic S Strings
SS - Kick String

For energy field. That's pretty much it. Not that it's really a terrible thing. Can be landed off a lot of stuff, so a pretty decent combo ender.

>SSE- - Dash Kick

Seems to be the key to 17's whole game. The move itself is weird, as 17 dashes about 3 character lengths forward before even starting. That means it can be immediately cancelled after the dash for throw mix ups, fakes, etc. Can also cancel straight up into his ultimate.

>SSSE- (In the Air)

Replaces the above, as the 3rd hit won't slam.

Again, great.

<SSS - Dashing Upper

A funky looking string that goes right into power blitz. Follows up a megacrash pretty well, but other than that it'll prolly be best for fishing out counter hits.

Basic Combos
About as basic as it gets at this point, but here goes

With 3 bars.

>SSE-, SS, <E

>RE-, <RRS-, RRRS, HS, >E-, >SSE-, ^E

>SSE-, RRRS, HS, >E-, <SSS, >E

RRRS, HS, >E-, <SSS, >E



And so on. Feel free to add

Death to the Overrated
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#17 Discussion Empty Re: #17 Discussion

Post by Von74 on Wed Jun 02, 2010 6:39 pm

Well, this is my first time trying out combos and I came up with these for #17. The first combo requires a full 3 bars and you have to hit them with ^E once their completely lying on the ground. I had to use Dpad for that since the control stick made me fire regular ki blasts [and caused me to start over countless times]

RRRS, >SSS, ^E 14 hits, 1161 dmg

<S, >>RRS, HS, <E 8 hits, 616 dmg
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Post by Hikari on Sun Dec 11, 2011 10:53 am

I try to main Android#17 and so I found other combo for him , I don't know how to play really good yet 'cause I had this game 1day ago but I know how to do nice combo on it (and I have a lot of experience in versus fighting games ).
So I post stylish (obviously it's #17) combo 3&5 bars who I did in training and not write here. All are be realised in the air, but if you want to do theim in the ground, don't do >SSSE- but >SSE- :

(AIR only)
<RRS-, >RRRRR HS, >E- , >SSSE-, /\E : 22 hits , 1673 dmg (25 hits and 1852 with the 5 bars ultra )

>RE-, <RRS- ,RRRRSE-, /\E : 17 hits 1343 dmg (5 bars only,strict timing)

>RE-, <RRS-, RRRS HS, >E- , >SSSE- , <SSSE- /\E : 23 hits 1807 dmg (5 bars only, strict timing)


>RE-, RRRSE-, >SSE-, <RRE- , /\E : 21 hits, 1652 dmg

>RR*, <RRE-, >RE-, RRRS HS , >E-, >SSE-, /\E / 23 Hits, 1874 dmg (stict timing)

And just for the style :

>SSSE- , <RRS- , >RRRRR HS, >E- , RRRSE- , SSE- , *AS for more dmg* , /E\ : 31 hits, 2092 dmg ♥

My last combo : 33 hits & 2139 dmg
>RR, <RRS-, >RRRRR HS, >E-, >SSSE-, SSE-, RRRSE-, /\E .
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