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Hyper Dimension Basics & Info

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Hyper Dimension Basics & Info Empty Hyper Dimension Basics & Info

Post by THTB on Mon Sep 14, 2009 10:08 pm

By Forte

Dragonball Z: Hyper Dimension was the last Dragonball Z fighting game released for the Super Nintendo, in 1996. Originally only released in Japan & Europe, the game is now rare to find, and is most commonly played on emulators. While featuring only 8 characters, the gameplay is shockingly dynamic, and certainly holds it's own at a 2D fighter. Note that this topic will be under constant revision, since I myself am still exploring this game indepth.

Basic Notation

The notation most closely resembles classic Street fighter & King of Fighters games, but I'll list them for reference.

Directional Notation

  • F - Forward
  • B - Back
  • D - Down
  • U - Up
  • D/F - Down+Foward
  • D/B - Down+Back
  • U/B - Up+Back
  • U/F - Up+Forward
  • 360 - One full rotation of the joystick/pad
  • HCB - Half Circle Back (Forward->Back)
  • HCF - Half Circle Forward(Back-Forward)
  • DP - Dragon Punch (Forward, Down, Down+Forward)
  • QCF - Quarter Circle Forward (Down->Forward)
  • QCB - Quarter Circle Back (Down->Back)
Button Notation

  • Y - Punch
  • B - Kick
  • X - Strike
  • A - Ki
  • Y+B = Punch + Kick
  • L or R = Dash
State Modifiers

  • s. - The following move should be performed in the standing position (neutral in the Y-axis). i.e. s."X", perform "X" whilst standing.
  • c. - The following move should be performed in the crouched position (held down in the Y-axis). i.e. c."X", perform "X" whilst crouching.
  • j. - The following move should be performed in the "in the air" position (After having held up in the Y-axis). i.e. j."X", perform "X" whilst in the air.
Game Mechanics
Guard Cancel
Whenever an attack is blocked, a blue flash will shine quickly. If the defending player can preform a command move before the shine disappears, he can preform a guard cancel & interrupt the attacker with the command move. There is of course a chance that the attacker's move will still be faster.

Stage Shifts
Stage shifts occur when either player hits the other with one of several strike moves that will knock them intro the next part of the stage. The available areas depends on the stage selected. The striking moves that cause stage shifts are preformed as such:

-F,B,F+X (Sends the opponent to the left or right)
-QCF+X (Sends the opponent above)
-QCB+X (Sends the opponent below)

Note that, if the stage shift feature is off, these moves will count as normal attacks.

Air Battles
When in an aerial stage, the basic attacks of both characters are limited to a directional punch or kick, and will send them flying across the screen w/ little control. However, all command & special moves can be preformed, even ones that are normally only usable during a jump.

Special Moves, Super Moves & Meteo Attacks
Special moves vary from character to character, and require a command input to be preformed. Every character has two super moves, which are all inputed the same way. Either:
-QCB,F+A (Ground version, can be charged by holding A)
-HCF+A (Anti-air)

Super moves, as well as some special moves drain some of the users health bar, and will do reduced damage to the enemy, even if blocked. Meteo Attacks are the most damaging attacks in the game, but can only be preformed when the user is at 80HP or below (read:Critical). While they have no cost, they are generally harder to preform than normal specials. Some are unblockable.

Juggles can be preformed via a number of launchers, depending on the character, or after an anti-air. There is one universal launcher for juggles however, which can be preformed by pressing Y+B during a combo. A juggle can only last for a maximum of 3 hits, after that the opponent will automatically fall down.

Clashing System
-Ground Clashes
When the two players attacks clash, a short battle sequence will be triggered, and at the end, both players will come out crouching. Depending on what buttons they press, at this point, a button press will determine the outcome.

More info on this would be terrific.

-Air Clashes
When two players clash in the air, as different sequence will begin, with one player as the attacker, and the other as the defender. The attacker in the foreground has two options
A - Rapid ki blasts
B - Large ki blast
Meanwhile the defender will have to guess which will be used
X deflects the rapid blasts
Y dodges the large blast.

Defense Rankings
The amount of damage taken varies from character to character. Here are the ranks:

Tier 1
Fat Buu

Tier 2
Kid Buu

Tier 3

Other Notes
-The Strike Attack (X) can destroy normal sized ki blasts
-By holding L/R & pressing either B or Y (depending on the character) the character will leap into the back ground and jump back out at the enemy. This move can be used to dodge attacks at the length of the screen, but isn't invincible once the attack comes.

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