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How to Play Hyper Dimension Online

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How to Play Hyper Dimension Online Empty How to Play Hyper Dimension Online

Post by Forte on Sat Sep 19, 2009 10:47 am

Pictures Coming Someday
Table of Contents
Getting Started [1.0]
-Introduction [1.1]
-What you need [1.2]
-What you should get [1.3]
Playing the Game [2.0]
-Playing Offline [2.1]
-Playing Online [2.2]
Using Hamachi [3.0]
-Configuring the First time [3.1]
-Using the features [3.2]
Setting Up A Controller [4.0]
-Setting Up a Ps3 Controller [4.1]
-Setting Up an Xbox 360 Controller [4.2]
-Setting Up a USB Controller or Adapter [4.3]
Troubleshooting & FAQs [5.0]
-Troubleshooting & Questions [5.1]
-Frequently Asked Questions [5.2]
Credits [6.0]

Getting Started [1.0]
Introduction [1.1]
Alright, so we've got the basic info on Hyper Dimension, but how are you going to play it, let alone against other people? Well, I've got your answer. This all seems like a lot of information, but it’s all really very simple, and it probably won’t take you more than 15 minutes to get everything set up.

What you need [1.2]
-ZSNES Version 1.337, Super Nintendo Emulator
-Dragonball Z Hyper Dimension Rom

Both are available here: (2.24MB) sendspace.com 1pxrdx

What you should get (optional things) [1.3]
-Hamachi Networking Program. Available Here: http://www.hamachi.cc/download.php
-Controller, or controller adapter, available several ways. Check the controller section for more

Playing the Game[2.0]

Playing Offline [2.1]
Alright, here's a step by step guide on what you need to do to play Hyper Dimension on your PC.
-Unzip the file to any directory.
-Open zsnesw.exe
-Go to File->Load, find the hyper dimension file, which is in the same folder as ZSnes.
-Load the game
-Go to config->Input #1
-Click set keys, set the controls.
-Play the game!

Nice, awesome, & easy.

Playing Online [2.2]
Now, the next step is going to be playing online! First, you'll need to set up a match with a friend via AIM, this site, whatever. Now, one of you will have to find your IP, which if you don't know how to, simply go to:

Then Player 1 will do the following
-Act as Server

Player 2 will do the following
-Type in Player 1's IP
-Connect to Server

Hopefully, this will work. Occasionally, due to firewalls, routers, etc. This can be difficult to work out. That's why I recommend the Hamachi networking program. With this program, everyone who plays can go to the same network, and connect to each other without messing with their firewalls & port settings. In addition, instead of using IP Addresses, Hamachi will give you a network ID. Every player's Hamachi ID & Name will be saved on the network. So here's how it would work with Hamachi

Player 1
-Connect to Hamachi
-Join Dragon all Competitive Network (Password: HyperD)
-Open zsnesw.exe
-Act as Server

Player 2
-Connect to Hamachi
-Join Dragon all Competitive Network (Password: HyperD)
-Open zsnesw.exe
-Enter Player 1's Hamachi ID number
-Connect to Server

Once the ZSnes connects, player 1 simply needs to load the game, and you'll be connected & playing online! T is to talk.

Using Hamachi [3.0]
Hamachi is a networking program that works with Windows 2000, Server 2003, XP & Vista. It allows for computers to make direct connections without having to rework firewalls & routers. For more information, you can check Wikipedia, or the Hamachi site.

Configuring Hamachi [3.1]

Once you download Hamachi, you’ll have to download & run the installer. Upon opening the program for the first time, it should prompt you to create your ID & nickname. Simply follow the directions it provides. When given the opportunity, choose “Join an existing network…” and put in the following for the name, and password.
Name: Dragon Ball Competitive
Password: HyperD

After that, it will connect you to the network, where you should see a list of existing players (at least me). Next to each players name is their Hamachi ID, the number that you will use in place of an IP address.

Using the Features [3.2]

Hamachi has several features that can come in handy. When you right click a user’s name, a list of options will come up. If that player is online, these are the choices:
-Copy Address
-Set Label

Ping allows you to check the ping of any person on the network, which is a good judge of how easy it would be to play again them online. If the ping is below 150ms, you should be able to play with out much issue. If it’s any higher than that, it’s probably not worth trying.

Browse is not something you’ll be using much, it lets you browse the other person’s computer, but only if they grant access. Don’t grant access.

Chat works just like any instant messaging program. It’s an easy way to contact other players, and set up matches when you see them online in the network, and talk, etc.

Copy Address does just what it says, copies their ID to be pasted somewhere else.

Block, again, obvious. They won’t see you online, just like AIM.

Set label affects how you see a person on the list, by their nickname, ID or both.

Setting Up A Controller [4.0]

If you choose to play with a controller for Hyper Dimension, there are a couple different options to go to. Perhaps the easiest, would be to use a ps3 or xbox 360 controller, especially since so many people have them. You can connect them to your computer easily via USB wires, and they work just fine. Another option is to find a different kind of USB controller, or an adapter that allows you to use ps2 controllers via USB (this is the most common adapter type).
Setting Up a Ps3 Controller [4.1]

To use a ps3 controller, you’ll need to install the ps3 driver onto your computer. You can find that here:
sendspace.com c621lf

Simply install it, and plug your controller into the computer using a USB mini-B wire (like the one it comes with) Your controller should work perfectly. Refer to the trouble shooting section if there are issues.

Setting up an Xbox 360 Controller [4.2]

To use a wired 360 controller, you’ll have to use the Microsoft software, which you can get directly from here:

After that, if you have trouble check the trouble shooting section. Unfortunately it seems as though if you want to use a wireless 360 controller, you’ll have to buy some kind of USB receiver for it.

Setting Up A USB Controller/Controller Adapter [4.3]

This is a pretty common option, as more people seem to be more comfortable with a ps2 controller than anything else, and there’s a wide variety of controller adapters out there. That’s where the trouble starts. Depending on what adapter you get, you may or may not need to find drivers for it, and there are several different options to go with. Some controller adapters can be used for the ps3, as well your PC, so that’s an option, and there are single adapters with two or more control ports.

If you’ve got a USB controller or adapter, and are having trouble using it or finding drivers for it, let me know and I’ll do my best to help you work it out. Also if you’re looking to buy one, I’d be happy to recommend a few.

Troubleshooting & FAQs [5.0]
As I get questions & problems in, this section will be updated to provide answers to more common issues. Til then, it's pretty bare

Trouble Shooting & Questions [5.1]

Now. When it comes to trouble shooting, I’ve got no problems helping walk anyone through this whole process. The only request I have is that you READ the whole guide, and follow it step by step, no shortcuts. If after that, it’s still no go, let me know, either by PM or AIM, a Hamachi message, or even post about it. But really, it’s pretty annoying when I have to tell people to go back & do steps that were in the guide, and they just decided to skip.

Outside of that, I’m open to really any kind of question regarding setting any of this up.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) [5.2]

Q. Is using an emulator & rom to play legal?
A. Honestly, Yes & no, but mostly no. At this point a good 80% of SNES games can be considered abandonware, which is software that is no longer being produced, and can no longer be acquired. Hyper Dimension was never released in the states to begin with, making it incredibly hard to find legitimately. A game like say, Super Mario World on the other hand, is not abandonware as it has been reproduced, remade & rereleased several times over. In theory, the original developers could still come after you for pirating the long dead game, but they’d have a very hard case to make regardless, since you couldn’t obtain the game in the first place.

Also, don’t believe what you read in some places. Downloading a copy of a game you own is still not legal. The only copies of a game you can have, are the ones that you made from your own original game.

Q. Why Zsnes & not another emulator? And why the old ZSnes?
A. Well, ZSnes is by far the easiest to make a direct link with. While the Snes9x emulator has kaillera online support, it lags more, due to players having to connect to a server rather than a direct connection. The same goes for the Zbattle program. The newer ZSnes versions disabled netplay, that’s why the one I packaged was the old version.

Q. What do you use to play the game controller wise?
A. I have a ps3 controller, a ps2->ps3 adapter, and then a USB adapter with two ports, that I can use to play with at any given time. The controller I use varies depending on the game, but for Hyper Dimension I use a ps2 arcade stick plugged into the first port of the USB Adapter.

Q. How do you record matches?
A. Another day another guide.

Credits [6.0]

I don’t really care if anyone copies & pastes this somewhere else, doesn’t bother me & I don’t need recognition for it. More people playing is always good.
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