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Is there any TO near the region of Montreal?

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Is there any TO near the region of Montreal? Empty Is there any TO near the region of Montreal?

Post by Mourossonero on Mon Sep 28, 2015 8:47 pm

I've been watching silently into the other FGC scenes and I thought to myself how it could be amazing even all these years after the release of Budokai 3/Infinite World if we could organize a Tournament and meet each others.

We've all been cancelling and perfecting our techs in our corners let's fight it out with people and not CPUs! If no TOs are available to organize something in my region, I'll just have to organize one myself during the semester break! I'd like to see a Budokai scene and I believe that if we begin to organize some tourneys and just 1 guy comes, it'll be better than the hundreds of matches against CPUs.
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