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Futur warrior who want to learn is coming !

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Futur warrior who want to learn is coming ! Empty Futur warrior who want to learn is coming !

Post by Hikari on Fri Dec 09, 2011 9:02 pm

Hey guys ! I did my presentation on the other topic so now I'm ready for come here with you , I hope you will be able to receive me ? Wink

So, as I said on the other topic, I'm a player of the futur warrior Truns and Android #17 , I really like theim but you know I started to play just this week because I bought this awesome game last week. I really like it, I bought it for nostalgia of Budokai 3 Like a Star @ heaven )

And I started to learn combo , I already know the cancel style so It's not very difficult for me , and I'm a great player of versus fighting game since many years ( I'm , modestly, a good player on Super Street Fighter IV - I have a old channel if you want - and Dead Or Alive 4 ) so I think I'will not have problem for learn how to play at this DBZ game.
But I saw Budokai 3 gameplay and BL Gameplay are not really really the same , so someone can tell me what are the new properties of "new" hit like HeavySlam , Burst transformation or Special attack cancel , and more "new" moves like that ?

And I will pass on Character Trunks and #17 (even if it is not really played by many people) for more detail advice . Smile

I wish you have a nice day ! sunny
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