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Gt. Saiyaman is weird.

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Gt. Saiyaman is weird. Empty Gt. Saiyaman is weird.

Post by MegaSobi on Tue Jun 19, 2012 12:28 am

On the one hand, using Justice Punch and cancelling in the middle of certain things (almost instant startup) can make his combos pretty extensive. On the other hand, I can't break 1000 damage even with a stylish 23-hit combo consisting of aforementioned JP Roman Cancels.

PPPKK-, <PPP<E-, heavyslam, >KKK<E-, KKKK-, >PPPPP<E

Not sure if this is general knowledge but, and don't hold me accountable for this, but on top of this, I think Justice Punch can be FalseRomanCancelled too if you hit the guard button at the right time (like, the instant it's possible to cancel it).
This might just be a glitch, but there would be times where midchain, I'd cancel the JPcharge almost immediately and the move would still be buffered and I'd still get the cancel chain, but I wouldn't lost the Ki I'd normally do for activating a deathmove. Not even the little "vrrrriiiing" sound you hear when you start up a DM or capsule. Just a completely silent and free cancel.

I don't have any video equipment, so I'll show footage of it the next time I see Aqua.
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