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HD Goku Thread

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HD Goku Thread Empty HD Goku Thread

Post by Forte on Sat Sep 19, 2009 10:42 am

Move List
Command Normals
P+K - Launches during a combo
F+K - Two Kicks
F,B,F+X - Out reaching kick (Stage shifts, if SS is on)
QCF+X - Short knee upwards(Stage shifts, if SS is on)
QCB+X - short hop & downward kick (Stage shifts, if SS is on)
L/R+B - 3D Kick

Special Moves
QCF+Y - Two Punch Rush
QCB+B - Chicken Wing Kick
DP+B - High rising knee
HCF+B - 4 kick combo
RDP+Y/B - Instant Transmission, Y goes forwards, B goes backwards.
F,B,F+A - Large Ki Blast
F,D+B (In the Air) - Dive Kick

Super Moves
HCF+A - Upwards Kamehameha
QCB,F+A - Kamehameha

Meteo Finisher
360+X - Dragon Fist->Spirit Bomb

Damage chart
Far Punch - 15 damage
Far Kick - 17 damage
Close Punch - 13 damage
Close Kick - 15 damage
Crouching Punch - 16 damage
Crouching Kick - 14 damage
Jumping Punch - 13 damage
Jumping Kick - 15 Damage
P+K Launcher - 3 Damage
Standing Strike - 6 damage
All other strikes - 12 damage
Two Kicks (F+K) - 35 Damage split (17/18)
3D Kick - 13 Damage

Two Punch Rush - 32 Damage, 14 first hit, 18 2nd hit. 6 damage on block (both 3)
Chicken Wing Kick - 6 damage on block (both 3)
High rising knee - Maximum 3 hits for 49 damage. 10 damage on block
4 kick combo - 54 damage max, Split (12/13/14/15) damage on block, 1 for each kick
Large Ki Blast - 20 Damage on hit, 4 damage on block. Takes 5 EP to use.
Dive Kick - 20 damage on hit, 4 damage on block

Upwards Kamehameha - 38 damage, 5 damage on block. Takes 10EP to use
Kamehameha - Takes 10EP to use
-Level 1, 28 Damage, 5 Damage on Block
-Level 2, 48 Damage, 7 Damage on Block
-Level 3, 68 Damage, 10 Damage on Block

Meteo Finisher - 106 damage, Unblockable

General Character Discussion & Notes
Just for starters, Goku has no sweep. It makes it an interesting ordeal to try & gain time to charge when you're behind.

Here's something else, Goku's redizzy infinite combo, which can be seen at the end of this video.

For the record, the combo is j.Y,QCF+Y,QCF+Y,j.Y. It doesn't work on the smaller characters (Kid Buu, Gotenks, Vegeta), but it's pretty crazy. It's not the easiest combo to land, but once it's in motion it does a lot of damage, even if the user messes up. Honestly, I would say something like that has no real place in competitive, casual play. There are other games with infinite combos & traps(Street Fighter Alpha 3), but you'll almost never see them used outside of tournaments, and I think that goes along the same lines. In a situation where you're playing for money or a prize, the infinite is definitely an option, but when playing casuals, there's no real reason to use it.

More to come later.
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