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Gohan [Buu Saga] Strategy/Combo thread

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Gohan [Buu Saga] Strategy/Combo thread

Post by TrollCapAmerica on Tue Apr 27, 2010 8:18 am

Welcome to the 6th installment of the character specific strategy
guides and the 2nd player requested one.Im taking time off from my 5
page history final to keep this tradition going so i hope its

Considering that hes 16 im just gonna call this Gohan "Gohan" to avoid
complications with his other 3 versions in the game even though none of
them play alike.This is easily the strongest version of the strongest
single character in the Dragon Ball franchise and an upper tier
character in this game.He has alot of great tools and with a little
effort could conceivably end any match in a single openning with his
SDS infinite.


3 transformations that he can reuse after getting fatigued and end with
a reasonable baseline and Mystic Gohan has a slightly higher than
normal attack boost than other 5-6 baseline transformations
Soring Dragon Strike is available in base form is cancelable mid-way through and can infinite for huge damage
Excellent close range game with his transformations and fast starters
A "Spirit Shot" style lv1 death move which is probably the best lv1 projectile in the game


Very low starting baseline of 3 and unlike Goku/Frieza/Cell his first transformation is at 4
BAD Heavy Slam
Doesnt quite have the insane abilities of those above him like Anti-TC
moves 6+ Baselines easy infinites Juggle throws or being Godlike
Yamcha[FYI Yamchas the best character in the game]

Primary starters

P,P,P,P,P*- [Chargable stun]

Heavy Slam-The overhead hammerfist several characters have.It sucks
pretty bad but its a little more tolerable with Gohan because of his

Death moves

Kamehameha-A 1 bar 300 damage beam death move.If you have seen
references to Kamehamehas in other threads you should know how it goes
by now.It sucks hardcore because it takes too long to recover limiting
your ability to follow up on it

Ki Blast Cannon-A 270 damage invisible "burst" shot that cant
fatigue.This is the BEST lv1 projectile in the game up there with
Janembas Hells Gate Fat Buus Innocence cannon or Gotenks Buus VC.Sure its damage isnt great but
its invisible while it both fires and recovers near
instantaneously.This is actually fast enough to replace a E counter
towards upper tier characters negating chains

Soaring Dragon Strike-A lv2 physical Death Move.Since its Physical it
does more damage from behind getting 600/749 respectively and 390/487
canceled on the third hit.While you have to cancel somewhat fast and
use a quick attack afterward SDS can comboed into and out of for an
infinite,This does 1000+ damage from behind as Mystic Gohan meaning 2
in one combo will probably cause full fatigue.SDS can also be used as a
combo starter but you should only try this when you have a Ki advantage
and only against the nullfying bad ass upper tiers you cant beat


Super Kamehameha-A 5 bar Struggle ultimate.You must be in SSJ or higher
to use it and on Attack lose/win it does 1320/1980 in SSJ 1380/2070 in
SSJ2 and Mystic form gets 1560/2340.Its a little iffy considering 2 SDS
tends to be about as damaging and more cost efficient but at least
Mystic Gohans does solid damage and might be good for finishing a match
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Re: Gohan [Buu Saga] Strategy/Combo thread

Post by TrollCapAmerica on Tue Apr 27, 2010 8:19 am


Gohan in a nutshell should be a race to catch the opponent in a mystic
form SDS infinite until the opponent is dead or you screwed up and
dropped them but knocked off 2-4 bars.The faster Ki regeneration with
5+ baseline ensures that P,P,K,K,<E- almost fully restores the 2
bars it costs while being easy to maintain

Comboable chains

Your best starters are Px5 and <P,P*,P-.

Your Px5 is pretty fast especially on the all important first hit and
while it doesnt have big range like Super Buus each hit takes a step
forward giving it great reach overall.The last hit is a negating
chargable stun with a "hammerfist" animation.The negation gives great
priority and lets you combo off guard break but watch the stun time it
doesnt last too long.

Your <P,P* has more range than it appears is a little faster than it
looks[but not too fast] and has extremly long stun time it ground
resets juggled opponents and adding another P gives you a cancel for
safety.Its your fastest way to close into P range and even then still
has its uses as a change-up.Ground resetting off juggles is a great
feature if you need to build more Ki for more SDSs

You have the traditional Son family >P,K,K- thats been in the series
since B1.While its the same animation as its ever been thus same range
its slower than Goten and Gokus.It still has its uses thanks to its
range but its mostly combo filler for Gohan.Your Kx4 is also cancelable
but unlike the rest of the family yours ends like Piccalos with a side
kick rather than the much faster axe kick making it mostly combo filler

Finally some other chains that you arent likely to use as
starters,<K.P* is a stun that looks just like <P,P yet doesnt
count as a recycled move.Its combo filler but can also be turned into a
juggle with <K,P,P and can be ground reset with <P,P*.A >K
doesnt have a great deal of options and while >K,K,K,P,P- is
cancelable the stun time is way to short.>P and P have variations
that can be useful in some situations with >P,P,P,P juggling either
for ground resets or SDS infinites.The P starter also has ice
variations with P,P,P,K being pretty good for starting SDS infinites
from behind and P,P,K,K being the easiest to maintain once the juggle

1 bar Combos [Assuming >E is KBC and ,E is SDS]

P,P,P,P,P* VE <P,P* K,K,K,K- P.P.K,K,<E
P.P.P.P.P* P.P.K,K,<E- P,P,K,K,<E- P,P,K,K,<E
<P,P*,P- >P,P,K- K,K,K,K- P,P,P,P,P,>E

Fairly quick damaging combos but also with the potential to turn into a SDS infinite that wins the match

2 bar combos

P,P,P,P,P* K,K,K,K- <P,P* P,P,K,K,<E- P,P,K,K,<E
DHS' <P,P* <K,P* >P,K,K- K,K,K,K- P.P,P,K,<E- P,P,K,K,<E- P,P,K,K,<E n
<K,P,P^ <P,P*gr >P,K,K- K,K,K,K- P,P,K,K,<E- P,P,K,K,<E- P,P,K,K,<E- n

2 bar combos are important for fatigue reasons since even an opponent
with No ki automatically gains one bar when recovering.Gohans taunt
takes a long time so its a little hard to abuse fatigued states.Either
way your goal should be to juggle into SDS infinite before they can TC

3 bar combos exist just to give you more ki for SDS.You can use as many
starters as you want your gr or whatever just as long as you hit 7 bars
and then go into a SDS juggle
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Re: Gohan [Buu Saga] Strategy/Combo thread

Post by TrollCapAmerica on Tue Apr 27, 2010 8:21 am

Gohan odds and ends

Crush your enemies see them drive before etc.

Gohans best feature is the ability to utterly destroy the enemy with
SDS infinites.Its very similar to Goku in that regard but and while the
cancel is hard you can land faster and in more situations than Goku can
while scoring more damage.Hit count really doesnt matter you just need
to have alot of Ki stored and have them in a SDS juggle while fatigued
and on average you could do 3 SDSs per bar they regenerate.Remember
with ground combos they fall almost instantly so you want them to be
juggled before they fatigue.Since SDS is fairly fast does insane damage
in Mystic form and easily juggled into you can easily win a match with
one combo in the right situation

Speaking of Mystic Gohan....

GET INTO THAT FORM NOW.Sweet mother of monkey crap is it a great
form.Your baseline goes up to a 5 which puts you in the "high" range of
Ki regeneration and because of that you can land alot more SDS
chains.Your attack% is 130% which is slightly better than most 5
baseline transformations like SSJ3 Goku and double that of your SSJ2
form.Finally Gohan leans down more in this form shrinking his standing
animation hitbox for a defensive advantage but losing no range

Guard breaks arent your friend

Gohan is terrible at breaking guard.His throw is breakfallable and they
recover as soon as you do.Several of your dashing/AD attacks only guard
break for a second and recover before you can hit the oppomemt and the
others just DONT GB.Your only real options are the 5th hit on Px5 The
generic <P+K uppercut and >P+K [A haymaker like Shenrons with
tons of priority.Probably your best P+K move].You should thank
God/Kami/Shatner that you have 3 transformations that re-set when you
get fatigued because otherwise it would be hell trying to get around
block the whole match
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Re: Gohan [Buu Saga] Strategy/Combo thread

Post by Overlordtico on Mon May 03, 2010 6:40 pm


I think this video is a prime example of good old Gohan play lol
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Re: Gohan [Buu Saga] Strategy/Combo thread

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