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Piccolo Discussion

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Piccolo Discussion Empty Piccolo Discussion

Post by MysticFog on Fri Oct 09, 2009 10:55 am

Originally posted by Nnamz on June 13, 2008


Piccolo has been blessed with many powerfull iterations of himself over the years in this series. He hasn't been any lower than upper tier since Budokai 1, and has been hands down the best character in both Shin Budokai games due to his impressive damage, effective combo starting and most of all, his insane reach. He was so effective that most veteran players considered him to be God tier in those game and banned for tournament play.

It seems this time around, Piccolo keeps nearly all of his old assets and adds several new ones to his arsenal of ass kicking. His raw combo potential is even higher than it was in the Shin Budokai games. He's also more versatile thanks to some niffty new combo starters.

This guide will teach you how to use Piccolo effective by taking advantage of his various strengths and advantages as well as teaching you various combos to obtain high damage.

Piccolo's Strengths

- His overall damage potential is higher than other characters
- His >S starter has insane reach and decent priority.
- His <S starter has insane reach, good priority and can be used to avoid moves.
- His "SSSS" starter is an excellent close range combo starter due to it's multiple nullifying hit's.
- His combos seem to be far longer than other characters, which means they build up far more fatigue than most characters do. His current best combo deals about 65% fatigue damage to his opponent, which is pretty big for a combo.

Piccolo's shortcomings

- His Hellzone Grenade cannot be properly comboed into. Depending on the character, they can interrupt it regardless of how you imploy it, unless they are fatigued. This makes his only really viable ultimate move Special Beam Cannon, which only gives him 3 bars.

Piccolo's Strategy

Piccolo is a very versatile character in this game. His 3 different slam starters enable him to compete with any character in any situation. I'll start by explaining what each of his starters do and when to imploy them.


Piccolos >S starter is his tradional S starter he had in Shin Budokai. He stretches out his arm and performs a grabbing motion which causes his opponent to stagger, leaving combo opportunities. It has massive reach and strong priority, even for a slam starter. The stun time on it is great too, allowing him to follow up with ANY of his other chains after it, or even fully charge the next 2 hit's in his >SSS chain. The chain is 6 hit's overall and has 3 points of hit nullification, 1 per button press. Of all his starters, this starter is the one you should be using most because of the options is leaves you afterward and because of it's balance between reach and priority.


This is Piccolo's newest starter. He jumps in the air and stretches his arm out to punch his opponent while pushing himself back slightly. The punch causes enough stun time for the follow up S, a charging kick, to connect. This starter has EVEN MORE RANGE than his >S starter. However this range comes at a bit of a trade off since it doesn't have as much priority as his >S does. He also cannot rely on this starter for close range fighting since the punch flies over his opponents head at close range. Still, this move is excellent for long range purposes. It's also nice when you want to be tricky, since the jump can dodge some moves. On block, you can also continue the string to "SSSS", in which the last "S" has the same animation and properties as his >S chain.


This will be used as Piccolo's close range starter. It's simply a series of high priority punches and kicks, ending in a cancel. They are very quick and each has high priority, making it ideal for a close range starter. The only real problem with this is that it starts with the "low juggle knee" move. If connected on a counter hit, the first hit of the combo will cause the low juggle status, ruining combo opportunities. So when using this starter, only charge the second and third his. The first will juggle your opponent if you charge it.

So to wrap up, use >SSS* as your main starter for mid range to long range purposes. Use <SS- for long range, and use SSSS- for close range. Idealy, try to keep your opponent in your >S range though.

Fighting with Piccolo

- You'll want to be in the air most of the time with Piccolo. He's simply more effective there. His stuns stun for longer and he gains combo chains while fighting in the air. His range also increases slightly for some reason, perhaps because opponents lean forward slightly while in an areal stance. It's not very hard to get into the air in this game, especially since all stage traps trigger an areal battle.

- You can activate Aura Spark after either <RRRRR* in the air or after >SSSS- and continue the combo. You'll want to imploy it ASAP though, since it increases your overall damage for the combo.

- Combining <SS-, SSSS-, >SSS* is a solid way to stuff mega crashes and to force your opponent to use a ki bar with a TC. Bait them into a TC with these moves, and try to be quick and counter it with a teleport of your own.

Piccolo's Move Ratings

Destructive Wave: 8/10
Solid attack. Comes out quickly, faster than a kamehameha and most other attacks. It's also only 1 hit, meaning your opponent only has 1 shot at teleporting it.

Devil Gun: 6.5/10
Because of the new ki system this move is completely viable right now. Because of it's long animation, it let Piccolo's opponents gain a lot of ki in past games and gave them a chance at TCing out. But with the new ki system in Burst Limit, it loses this weakness. Still, you can't combo into of off a juggle nor can you combo into it from behind.

Light Grenade: 9/10
Comes out fast, travels fast and is very damaging. Like Destructive Wave, it's only 1 hit, so it has that advantage as well.

Devil Sky Shot: 7/10
At first this move may seem useless, but it's actually usefull at controlling the space between you and your opponent. It also hit's sidestepping opponent, which is quite handy.

Special Beam Cannon: 8/10
Pretty standard damage for a beam ultimate. Comes out slghtly slower than other beam ultimates, but cannot be normal guarded, so it's decent.

Hellzone Grenade: 5.5/10
This move cannot be properly comboed into, and is not a guaranteed hit. Ultimate Guard and a quick movement will easily repel it.

Piccolo's Raw Statisics
All Statistics are recorded at max ki

Base Piccolo:

Attack: 110% [AS] 121%
Guard: 110% [AS] 143%
Speed: 100% [AS] 120%

Sync with Nail:

Attack: 126% [AS] 137%
Guard: 126% [AS] 159%
Speed: 100% [AS] 120%

Fuse with Kami

Attack: 137% [AS] 148%
Guard: 137% [AS] 170%
Speed: 110% [AS] 130%

Piccolo combos


R = Rush attack
S = Slam attack
> = Towards opponent
< = Away from opponent
/\ = Up on the D-pad
E = Energy Button
- = Cancel
~ = Sidestep cancel
* = Stun
' = Fully charge upcoming move
[HS] = Heavy Smash
[AS] = Activate Aura Spark

Beginner Combos

>SSS*, S*, >RRRR>E [Destructive Wave] 12 hit's, 904 damage. Opponent gains about 20% fatigue.

>SSS*, S*, RRRR<E [Devil Gun] 19 hit's. 912 damage. Opponent gains about 20% fatigue.

Intermediate combos

S'S'S, SSSS-, RRRR[HS]>E-, >RRRR>E [Destructive Wave] 20 hit's, 1363 damage. Opponent gains about 25% fatigue.

*in air*
[AS] S'S'S, SSSS-, <RRRRR*, RRRR[HS]E-, /\E [Special Beam Cannon] 22 hit's, 1905 damage. Opponent gains about 40% fatigue

Advanced Combos

*in air* (Fused with Kami)
<SS-, RRRR[HS]E~, >S'S'S, >RRSE-, SSSS-, <RRRRR*, >>RRS>E+R2 [Light Grenade] Pursuit x 3. 33 hit's, 2368 damage. Opponent gains about 65% of fatigue bar.

Expect loads of more updates to come soon.

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